I am a Core Lecturer in Computational Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam and a Visiting Lecturer at the School of Business Administration at the American University Kyiv.

My PhD dissertation “Genres, webs of fields, and institutional change: The development of dance in the US, UK, and the Netherlands, 1985-2005” has recently (27 September, 2023) been completed. See this page for more information

I completed my master in Cultural Sociology (Cum Laude, University of Amsterdam) with a thesis titled “The culinary order: sustainable consumer identities and new organizational forms on the alternative market for foods.”

The two studies are characterized by rather different substantive domains (dance vs sustainable food), yet they also share a connection due to their focus on how the interplay between change-seeking movements and established actors shapes processes of innovation. My research uses computational and qualitative/historical methods. It draws, predominantly, on the literature from cultural sociology, organization and social movement studies.

I recently received a Valorization grant from the Social and Behavioural Data Science Centre (UvA) to set up a new project titled “How style impacts organization: modeling stylistic variations in the film art world”.