Papers published

  • Intersecting fields: the influence of proximate field dynamics on the development of electronic/dance music in the US and UK. With Alex van Venrooij. Published in Poetics.

  • Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: A Topic- and Keyword-Based Procedure for Identifying Research-Relevant Text. With Alicia Eads, among others. Published in Poetics.

  • Sense and Sensibility: narrative strategies shaping megaproject development. With Lama Alarda and Giovanni Esposito. Published in Project Leadership & Society.


  • Standing on the shoulders of punk: the early years of dance. Press release by the University of Amsterdam, available in English and Dutch. Interview and text by Joost van Tilburg.

  • Onder Mediadoctoren (Dutch language podcast series with media researchers). Afl 180: Waarom Amerikanen house niet begrijpen.

Papers submitted or in preparation

Related to PhD

  • When existing genre communities adopt new genres: combining network and field perspectives to explain the rise of trance music. Status: revise and resubmit at Cultural Sociology.

  • The dance of markets and movements: The emergence and development of dance genres in the US, UK, and the Netherlands, 1985–2005. With Alex van Venrooij. Status: revise and resubmit at Poetics (minor revision/conditional accept).

  • How disqualification leads to legitimation: dance music as a societal threat, legitimate leisure activity and established art in a British web of fields, 1985-2005. With Giselinde Kuipers and Alex van Venrooij. Status: will be submitted in due course.

Unrelated to PhD

  • The moral affordances of online sex talk: Sexual meaning-making and the creation of moral spaces on a Dutch discussion forum. With Myra Bosman and Giselinde Kuipers. Status: Revise and resubmit at The Sociological Review.

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