What I like

People love to share what they like (think, for example, about all the social media posts or dinner table conversations where someone is lyrically telling about a recently discovered restaurant, Netflix show, or book). Cultural sociologists, in their turn, become enthusiastic when discussing why people love to do this. Here, however, I will refrain from such sociological reflexivity and simply share with you my favorites of the moment.

What am I watching?

What am I reading?

What am I listening to?

  • Winds of Change (Some of the best things I came across in recent years consist of podcasts. This one asks the question whether the CIA exercises “soft power” through the production of culture, and, in particular, if they attempted to do so through the 1980s ballad rock band the Scorpions. Yes, this is a wild story :)).
  • Nice white parents (podcast, morality, ethnography, 10/10).